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Documentum D2 4.5 is finally out. Documentum D2 continues to mature in the rich set of configurable options.

See the release announcement.




Eora Documentum Support Services

Good support is a synonym for long term usability. When a system grows in amount of information and concurrent users, actions need to be taken. In the chain of information distribution every step has to perform well. Upgrades to new versions, customisations, system recovery are all big challenges in a world changing fast.

These challenges requires secure work of consultants with many years of experience with EMC Documentum products. This long experience is what we can bring into your organisation. People makes the difference.



Our approach is being dynamic with attention for continuity. This means wanting to see risks and face them. Like climbing, the safety rope is not necessary to go up. It is really useful when falling down.

When you ask us to support your systems, you can be sure we will check things to be in place. Often things most people don't really cares, don't really knows. You just want to sleep well at night.


In our hart we love new technology. In those days new products have to match into existing environments. Both aspects need to get the right attention. Others chose sometimes for defensive support, meaning not changing anything in the system avoiding any kind of risk. Eora believes this approach will freeze any system on the long term. For Eora is constantly changing the only approach to stay on top.


Wanting to know how the current organisation providing support for your system works, you can use us to challenge them. In a short time we can check how different aspects are implemented. We can provide a realistic overview of the actual situation.


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