Quality in Enterprise Content Management


Documentum D2 4.5 is finally out. Documentum D2 continues to mature in the rich set of configurable options.

See the release announcement.




EMC Documentum

Many software products offer similar functionality for Enterprise Content Management solutions. Eora believes it is better to know one of them really well instead of many a little bit. The choice for EMC Documentum was made many years ago and it has been proven to be a good one. Knowing a product thoroughly makes it possible to get the best out of it. A big challenge today is to fit modular software solutions together avoiding overlaps and gaps. Version compatibility between all the different layers of an architecture is something that needs to been taken really seriously. Little details can make a big difference in terms of usability.

Like a long chain each link has to be as strong as the others. Eora helps you to choose links that fit together providing a strong result. This is only possible when having a committed focus for a specific product family.


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