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Documentum D2 4.5 is finally out. Documentum D2 continues to mature in the rich set of configurable options.

See the release announcement.




Vision & Strategy

For Eora it is all about the long term. The way technology has to stand changing challenges, the relationship with customers and the amount of information the systems are making available to the people adding value to it. In every choice Eora makes it is considered the question about what will happen in five or ten years. Choices for the short term are a quick way to throw away money. We like to be proud about what we do. We like to come back to projects we delivered in the past and to see those systems still performing well. This is our strategy about the way we want to keep a real binding with our customers. We are on this market for many years and we are committed to provide continuity for the future.

As a customer you can count on a realistic advice how to organize your information. We believe that information should be centralized with a clear segregation of accessibility. Information should be searched in only one place within an organization keeping the time for searching as short as possible. This concept is really old but it is a big challenge to maintain the fast growing amount of data and processes available to a dynamic audience. When putting all the information in one place, you need to trust this place.


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